Special Care for Rings with Pearls and Emeralds
(Same treatment applies to earrings and pendants)

Pearls and Emeralds are among the most exquisite and elegant gemstones in the world, but like most things of beauty, they have a certain fragility about them. They are not hard like diamonds and rubies, and as such, can be dulled by incorrect treatment. But with proper care, they can retain their polish and brilliance for a lifetime.
Care in Wearing:
...Pearl Rings and Emerald rings are not for banging about doing yard work, house cleaning, working-out, swatting tennis balls, throwing golf clubs, or any activity that could subject them to hard knocks. Pearls and Emeralds roughly treated can crack. A gorgeous ring with Pearls or Emeralds is for gentle wearing, not wearing while running a jack-hammer.
...Pearls and Emeralds react badly to hot water or any kind of harsh soaps, chemicals, shampoos, hair-sprays, cosmetics, or perfumes. Never wash your hands or shower while wearing a ring with Pearls or Emeralds. And don't forget and put on hand cream while wearing it! Just leave your beautiful ring or earrings on the dresser while you're getting all ready to go out dining and dancing. Or just planning to sit down in in an easy chair with a mirror admiring your exquisitely bejeweled self! NOTE: Never, but never ever put Pearl or Emerald jewelry in any kind of jewelry-cleaning solution, or vibrator, or ultrasonic cleaner.
"But what if my ring gets dirty?" Fortunately, there's a safe way to clean it:
How to Clean:
You'll need the following:
1. A small dish or small bowl with very slightly warm water.
2. Very mild liquid dishwashing detergent (Ivory or Joy are ones we use).
3. A very soft toothbrush designed for babies. Examples: MAM (brand) "First Brush" (what we use), as well as a double-ended dome brush. Available at Walgreens and elsewhere. Just make sure you get a toothbrush with an extra soft rating made for babies and infants. (Click for image)
1. Fill the bowl with lukewarm water (just barely warm), and squeeze a generous squirt (about a tablespoon) of the mild dishwashing detergent into the bowl. Stir it around.
2. Gently place the ring in the bowl and let it sit five minutes, swishing it around occasionally.
3. Remove the ring and gently brush with the soft toothbrush, inside and out, dipping the ring into the lukewarm soapy water and swishing it around several times. Brush gently, your ring is not a tooth with a piece of spinach stuck to it!
4. Lay the ring gently aside on a paper towel or soft cloth.
5. Rinse the bowl of soapy water thoroughly and fill with clean, fresh lukewarm water. Place the ring in the bowl and gently brush with the soft toothbrush until its free of soap residue. Gently swish it around. You might want to refill the bowl and repeat the rinsing process.
7. Pat dry, DON'T RUB, with a Kleenex (brand) type tissue or soft absorbent cloth. Paper towels are too rough for rubbing.
6. NEVER try to rinse the ring over the sink under a faucet. The water could come out too hot by accident, and you could also drop the ring down the sink for the disposal to eat.
Just treat it like a beauty, not a beast!
We wish you many years of happy wearing.
Whitfield Jack Key West, Florida