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Facts About Our Diamonds

The diamonds we sell are quality SI1 or better, Color range GHI. The professional term SI1 means slightly imperfect grade one. This means that, when viewing the top of a stone under optimum lighting conditions, even an expert cannot see a flaw in the stone with the naked eye. (The industry term for this is "eye clean"). To you, it means that the stone will have an excellent sparkle and no visible black spots or other imperfections. A SI1 diamond is better than the average stone you will find in an ordinary jewelry store. Diamonds with even very slightly fewer hidden imperfections jump radically in price. I personally would be very happy with an SI1 stone and happy to give one as a gift or an engagement diamond.

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The color range stated, GHI, means that the stone you buy will have no noticeable overtones of yellow or brown when you look at it with the naked eye. It will appear white (meaning clear), which is what you want. Only when a stone has enough yellow in it to appear definitely as a yellow diamond can it be called a Canary Diamond. Small traces or hints of yellow look off-color and unattractive and significantly reduce the value of a diamond.

People often ask me about "investment quality" diamonds, meaning flawless or nearly flawless diamonds of the most perfect color, clarity, and cut. The problem with this is, who are you going to sell it to? You are very unlikely ever to get the money back you paid for it unless you sell it to a friend. A dealer would give you less because he has to mark it up to make money. My advice is to buy a diamond because it is beautiful and affordable. Most people who buy a diamond for "investment" purposes are just as well off spending a day at the races.

Whitfield Jack
Key West, Florida

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