Sea Life Jewelry and Tropical Jewelry in Gold
Key West designs by Whitfield Jack

 All jewelry designs on this site are the copyrighted property of
Whitfield Jack, Jewelry Genius,
Inc. Key West, Florida

Anchor Jewelry
Atocha Money Chain Replica
Bat Jewelry
Bee Ring Bands
Blackbeard's Dagger
Bone Jewelry
Buccaneer's Jewelry
Butterfly Jewelry
Caribbean Sunset Earrings
Cat Jewelry (coming soon!)
Charm Bracelets
Coffee Spoon-Conch Handle
Coin Jewelry Atocha Replicas
Conch Shell Jewelry in Gold
Coral Branches Gold
Cords Black Gold/Ster.Clasps
Crab Jewelry
Cross Jewelry - Seafarers
Crossbone Jewelry
Cufflinks, Shirt Studs
Dagger Jewelry 
Dive Jewelry Octopus Tanks
Engagement Rings Sealife
Fancy Sealife Jewelry
Earring Jackets
Fantasy Creation
Fine Sealife Gemstone Jewelry
Flugelhorn Capt. Hornblower
Frog Jewelry "Froguana"
Hibiscus Jewelry
Hoops, Leverbacks, Dangles
Key Lime Jewelry
Key West Sunset Earrings
Lion Jewelry
Lobster Jewelry
Loggerhead Turtle Jewelry
Margarita Jewelry
Mariners Cross
Mariner's Rings
Men's Earrings
Men's Rings Nautical
Mermaid Jewelry
Miscellaneous Jewelry tips, info.
Nautical Jewelry
Neptune Jewelry
Octopus Jewelry
One Day At A Time Pendant
Orchid Jewelry
Palm Tree Jewelry
Parrot Jewelry
Pearl and Sealife Jewelry
Pelican Pin/Pendant
Pina Colada Jewelry
Pineapple Jewelry
Pirate Jewelry
Pirate Loop Earring
Pirate Skull Ring with Dagger
Pirate Rabbit Pendant
Rooster Jewelry
Rope Rings
Sand Dollar Jewelry
Seahorse Jewelry
Scallop Jewelry
Scallop of Lost City of Atlantis
Shark Tooth Jewelry
Ships Wheel Jewelry
Skull and Crossbone Jewelry
Starfish Jewelry
Star of the Caribbean Bracelet
Star of the Caribbean Ring
Sunburst Earring Jackets
Tie Tacs
Turtle Jewelry
Unusual Jewelry
Wedding And Engagement Rings
Windsurfer Pendant
Yacht in Miniature Gold Case


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Key West Conch Jewelry

Dolphin Jewelry

Shark Tooth Jewelry

Pirate Loop 14K, 18K, 24K

Seahorse Jewelry

Windsurfing Key West 2001
Handcrafted jewelry in
themes of the sea and
tropics. Designed
in Key West by
Whitfield Jack.
The designer talks
about his work

Hibiscus Jewelry

Spanish Treasure Jewelry
 "The photos on this page represent just a few of the hundreds of designs I have had the pleasure of making over the many years since I escaped to this beautiful island and became fascinated with the creatures of the sea and the exotic flowers and trees that grow here. And of course, the nautical treasures.

There is something magic about the ocean, the islands, and the tropics that brings out the romance in all of us, whether we live on the shore or just dream about it from our prairie home in the the great Midwest, or our towering high-rise in a landlocked metropolis.

Laughing Dolphin Rings

Sand Dollar Jewelry

All of the jewelry on this web site was designed by me in my studio studio in Key West. Many of you have visited this island. And for those who haven't, a wonderful experience awaits you. We hope you'll make the trip."
Best regards,
Whitfield Jack

Images shown are just a few samples of the hundreds of designs on this site. Links in the left column and under pictures will lead you to them. Order by secure order-form or phone. To find out more about us:

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Crab Jewelry

Men's Rings Coin & Nautical

Cross Jewelry

Octopus Jewelry

Palm Tree Pendants Studs
Conch Shell Earrings
Dolphin Engagement Rings
Pirate Jewelry

Conch Bracelets

Pirate Skull Ring with Dagger

Fancy Sealife Jewelry

Men's Earrings

One Day At A Time Jewelry

Buccaneer's Pirate Bracelets

Sealife Earrings with Pearls
Dolphin Earrings

Rope Rings Yellow or Rose

Scallop Jewelry
Starfish Jewelry Nautical Jewelry

Parrot Jewelry

Butterfly Jewelry

Treasure Coins

Orchid Jewelry

Loggerhead Jewelry

Margarita, Pina Colada

Hoops With Sea Life Drops
Mermaid & Neptune Jewelry

Fancy Sealife Jewelry

Rooster Pendant
14K Coral Pink Gold Seahorse
Conch Rings with Pink Gold
Pirate Crab Pendant & Studs

 Sea Life Earring Jackets

Sealife Bracelets and Full-Length Necklaces

Double Scallop Loose Pearl
Sealifel Wedding Bands
Member Key West Chamber of Commerce 19 Years

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Pirate Rabbit Pendant