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"Coral Holding Up The Sea"
Design © Whitfield Jack of Key West

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191. "Coral Holding Up The Sea". A fantasy ring with 14K gold coral branches holding a stunning 20 carat pear-shaped Brazilian topaz the color of the tropical Caribbean sea. Two lacy openwork branches of coral rise up each side of your finger and hold the stone. The branches are textured completely around your finger. The stone was custom cut for this ring, and like all blue topaz on the market today, its magical blue color is enhanced by standard industry practices and is guaranteed permanent for life. This ring is available with two sizes of blue topaz and also with a large pearl or with pink coral. .
. A. Large. 18 to 20 carat topaz. 19mm x 15mm. Ring size: 7/8" long. 3/4" wide. Height above finger: 1/2". Weight: 16.3 grams 14K gold


. B. Small. 9 to 10 carat topaz. 16mm x 12mm. Ring size: 3/4" long. 1/2" wide. Height above finger: 3/8". Weight 13.5 grams 14K gold


. C.With 12-12.5 mm South Seas cultured pearl: White or dark gray. Priced by size and quality of pearl. Ring is same size as "B" above.


. Priced from.....


. to.....


. D. With oval pink coral 12x15 mm. Ring same size as "B" above.


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