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Whitfield Jack's Baby Key Lime
Earrings, Pendants, Charms

The 14K gold limes above were cast from actual limes off a Key Lime tree in Whitfield Jack's back yard  Like all baby Key Limes, they are slightly elongated in shape  At this stage Key Limes have a dark green color like the limes in the background  As Key Limes mature, they assume a round shape and a pale yellow-green color  It is then that they fully develop the incredible aroma and flavor that make Key Limes unique in all the world  Unfortunately, at this mature stage they would make earrings so heavy that they'd pull your earlobes down to your waist.

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Available as pendants in four sizes, shown diagonally across the picture; and as earrings in two sizes shown at the top right and lower left of the page  The small pendant is also available as a double-sided charm  Picture is enlarged for detail 


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335  Baby Key Limes  These tiny limes were cast from a tree in Whitfield Jack's back yard The smallest of the limes (which have just started to develop from the flower) have a slightly oval shape  The larger of the baby limes have begun to assume the roundish shape common to the adult lime     
     14K  Sterling
  Ear Studs (Note: Sterling studs have 14K posts & backs)    
   ES  Small


94 14K gold posts & backs

  EL  Large


177 14K gold posts & backs




  PS  Small



  PM  Medium



  PL  Large



  PG  Giant: Includes 18" cord and with end caps and clasp. Also may be worn on a
chain. Chains are priced separately,



  Charms for charm bracelets (Solid: Double Sided. Jump-ring included for attachmen\to braclet.



  CH Small (Same size as small pendant)



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