Flugelhorn jewelry, bugle jewelry, pendant in 14K gold and in sterling silver. Flugelhorn facts, history, information.
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14K gold flugelhorn crafted by Whitfield Jack from the
original owned by Key West jazzman, Captain Hornblower

(Actual size approximately 1-1/2" long)

Pendant also available in white gold and in sterling

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Read about Captain Hornblower's Jazz Club
Flugelhorns: what they are, how they sound

 "I love to play my horn" tongue and lips studs

Design © Whitfield Jack, Key West, FL

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Price U.S.

208. Flugelhorn 1-7/16" long. (Appx. 1-1/2") Hangs vertically.

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. Gold (Available in 14K yellow gold and in 14K white gold.


. Sterling


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. . . 18" waterproof black cord with 14K or Sterling fittings . . .

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