14K gold Neptune jewelry
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Neptune the Younger

Design © Whitfield Jack of Key West

Whitfield Jack's unique Neptune pendant rides along a chain or black rope. Also may be worn hanging vertically and as a pin. 14K gold with ruby, diamond, emerald, or sapphire. Pendant measures 2" from top of hand to tip of tail. With starfish, 2-3/8".

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Price U.S.

309. Neptune Holding Trident. Shaft of spear set with precious stone. Neptune may be worn "laid back" sliding along chain or hanging vertically on chain with starfish in hand. Also available as a pin/pendant combo with Neptune holding starfish. .
. A. Diamond (.03)


. B. Emerald


. C. Ruby


. D. Sapphire


. S. Neptune holding starfish in raised hand to be worn vertically on chain. add 185
. SP. Neptune holding starfish in raised hand to be worn as a pin or pin/pendant combination. add 285

. 18" waterproof black cord with 14K ends and 14K clasp .

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