One Day At A Time Pendant
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"The Sunrise Pendant"

One Day At A Time,
Look for the letters in the sun,
It's how to make your life work,
It's how the battle's won.

© Whitfield Jack

Origin of the Sunrise Pendant

Yellow Gold on chain

White Gold on chain

Worn as a pin

The design of the Sunrise Pendant, the name "Sunrise Pendant", and the poem "One Day At A Time" are protected by Federal Copyright #VA84-289 and are the property of Whitfield Jack, Key West, Florida, who designed the original and wrote the poem for his aunt, the late Florence Rand of Alexandria, Louisiana.

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177. The Sunrise Pendant. The rays of the sun form the letters O.D.A.A.T. "One Day At A Time "


14K (Standard size) one inch in diameter


14K (Large size) one and one-half inch in diameter


  18K (Standard size) one inch in diameter


  18K (Large size) one and one-half inch in diameter


Sterling (Standard size)


Sterling (Large size)


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We ask our friends and customers to help us in protecting our family copyright on this unique piece of jewelry. If you see the Sunrise Pendant design being sold elsewhere in any form, please let us know by e-mail. We would appreciate your help and will keep your reply confidential. Thank you, Whitfield Jack

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