Pineapple pendants, pineapple earrings, tie tacs, lapel pins, bracelets
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Pineapples in 14K gold sculpted by Whitfield Jack of Key West, Florida

Large pineapple: 1-1/8" tall, 1/2" wide
Small pineapples: 3/4" tall, 3/8" wide
Pineapple Bracelet 5/16" wide
Pineapple Ring Approx. 1/2" wide, 1-1/8" long

Large pineapple may be worn as a pendant or ordered with a brooch pin. It is available in two versions: (a) a standard pendant as shown above, or (b) a special version with a double-sided bottom with a
secret compartment. Small pineapples may be ordered in pairs as earrings, or singly as a pendant, tie tac, or lapel pin. The small pineapple may also be ordered connected into a a multiple-link bracelet.

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Chains purchased separately
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Price U.S.

17. Large pineapple pendant or pin  
  Double-sided pineapple pendant with secret compartment. Click to see.


  Single-sided pendant without compartment


266. Small pineapple: Available as a pendant, earrings, or tie tac/lapel pin  


  Ear studs


  Tie Tac or lapel pin with 14K gold post and gold-plated clutch


267. Pineapple Bracelet  
. Optional safety chain, add


. 6-1/2 in.8 links


. 7 in.9 links


. 7-7/8 in.10 links


325. Pineapple Ring (pineapple sits at angle on finger) 1253

.  For cable chains and rope chains Click here  
. Waterproof black cord with 14K, 18K, or Sterling ends and clasp  

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