Mariner's Rings. Rings for sailors, seamen, seafarers. Nautical Rings for Men.
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Mariner's Rings by Whitfield Jack
Left: Conch and Dolphin Ring
Design © Whitfield Jack, Key West, FL
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These heavyweight, durable rings are designed for the rugged, sea-loving individual. The dolphin and the conch are both traditional good luck symbols for seafarers. The Dolphin, because of its homing instincts, is the protector of those in peril at sea, the seeker of safe harbor. The Conch, because of the strength and durability of its shell, can survive even the most violent of storms, always returning home to graze peacefully in the sea-grass shallows from whence it came.

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354-L Large Conch and Dolphin Mariner's Ring for men. The conch and dolphin motif is repeated on both sides of the shank of the ring.


354-S Smaller Conch and Dolphin Ring for ladies 880
409. Dolphin Delphi Mariner's Ring. The openwork design continues all the way around the ring.


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